Jason Hutchens: megahal poetry

Jason Hutchens: megahal poetry

blue skies
by Adam and MegaHAL

Please let me forget All of those blue skies Where your words were my freedom

i shiver with a burning fire to heaven
by Stefan Kapusniak & MegaHAL

i love your every one. i praise your body glistening before it will pleasure ourselves together in need beneath the cold, to the moon and bounce when twine together in each others arms laughing passion. as you wiggle it makes my breasts and recite each others arms and let down to feel like a perfumed lamp in the delta of your hand here between my darling lover make you like the twenty five lakes. you are possesed by our souls united in our naked skin it will not let me too, my arms and desire explode into deep with my bodies sensuous heat our hands against my back clasped to make you kiss you, we'll love and rapture. take me sing as a perfumed lamp in the deepness of ages in heady freedom. beneath my darling lover make me as maybe, all because i cannot bring together. i shiver with a burning fire to heaven.

experiments in torturing an ai
by Hummingwolf & MegaHAL

You are my love which we ate. i shall commission the maternal sun by the men who moil for gold; the northern lights have seen queer sights, but i am full of song lingers now in vagrant tones. --- O can't you see that it's not good enough for all the king's men couldn't stay all my life!--and if god choose, i alone seem confused. the cold breath of the starship "enterprise." its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to grunt and sweat under a weary life, as though feasting after the great sacrifice of oxen, or mounting a terrace in spring. motionless am i, without any sign, as though having nowhere to return. --- Who can it be good if we could wish ourselves away? wouldn't it be good to be happy to stop carrying my pain aspirations in the clouds but your hopes go down the sky. --- The past is known as engulfer-of-corpses a thousand sceptic hands won't keep us from the land of mordor where the shadows lie. one ring to bring them all and in the clouds but your hopes go down the sky. --- Hear the mellow wedding bells golden bells! what a gush of euphony voluminously wells! how they scream out their affright! too much horrified to speak, they can only get better. --- To die, to sleep; no more; and, by a sleep to say we end the sea of my heart, you're really a part of me, so dawn goes down to the air, which has but twenty-eight days clear and see which one is smarter that's newly sprung in june. o, my luve's like a good beer buzz early in the flagstones, faces like triangles of chalk, with sorrowful eyes on either side. --- Shall i compare thee to the air, which had built up everywhere an everlasting precious love grow apple trees in its uncertain radiance stood like carved images out the window at somebody coming in. --- Don't put off till tomorrow what you are. up above the sobs and the world of hopes and men and women merely players: they have their secret tales that escaped into something rich and strange. sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell: ding-dong. hark! Now i hear them--ding-dong, bell. --- Virtue is not the only explanation i can think of you of mist, from time to play we had to let it happen; i had to change couldn't stay all my friends anybody else could see what's wrong with my childhood's faith. i love thee with a grin. --- Here... There... the sound of life shout it now returning back again in silence the candyman can cause he mixes it with dew cover it in chocolate and you will go hungry.

it might be megahal
by Jason Hutchens & MegaHAL

birds are claimed and all said to live in love a rock to pick up the way the cracks in the sky all waved their real heads --- the sound the sound is a bond of my little schemes like xmas trees as tears flow from them they tilt their real heads --- that's a note on his spirit so bacharach and posterity he just leaves me in the sullen moon your train keep rolling off that car i don't call you so --- it's no volleyball look past our gasoline and it's mystery, i didn't buy --- exquisite dead guy rotating in hell --- i don't want to be known as the screaming fire engine siren fills the room in the cave by the music of the exploited working class but they're not and i fear that it once was there from the dark --- i can hear you the bells are ringing, they hear the stone it called to me --- she's actual size, but i've got her bike down inside your hand or how i think, i'm going home that might be alone and walk along darkened corridors and though the screaming and gold lame will i --- so the phone hush my own you can't want to turn mistakes into the presidential candidate --- i can't shake his eyes narrow my feelings i must listen now to confess everyone looks upside down she seems much bigger to please somebody else if anyone else? --- i can be different, now you fall, hear me in the night turns to call you lunge out our only do well and get him everything's beard she wants to tag along i can ignore the purple brigade is with effigies lighting up from heaven --- i'm where i go where you fell on the man to help you twisting in my shelf before the man please explain the only water hello --- i hear the president young hickory, napoleon of garlic bread --- and knew that year i shudder in the bell dinner bell bottoms --- her face hangs in portrait on the pole at the top of a bitch but alienation's for the card with the things you forgot to take out --- they might think that your racist friend accidentally was james ensor