Jason Hutchens: download megahal

If you have Debian Linux installed, you probably have MegaHAL already. Try typing "megahal" into a shell window. If it turns out you don't have it installed, you may use apt to download and install the package: apt-get install megahal.


Want a MegaHAL which can subscribe to an IRC channel and masquerade as a human being? Well, Marcelo Ricardo Leiner (cyborg_@geocities.com) has made some modifications to the source code which allow you to do just this. The archive includes a Linux executable as well as the source; please feel free to test it under different operating systems and report on it's compatibility.

linuxirc.tgz (75Kb)
MegaHAL does IRC (Linux version, with source, thanks to Marcelo Ricardo Leiner).

MegaHAL Personalities

Timm Suess went to the trouble of translating the original MegaHAL files to German, and he also created six MegaHAL personalities based on movie scripts. To use these new MegaHAL personalities, download and unzip the files, and run MegaHAL from the directory named after the personality you'd like to use! Feel free to submit your own!

aliens.zip (20Kb)
Talk with Bishop from Aliens!
bill.zip (25Kb)
Talk with Bill Clinton (thanks to Matt Stokes)!
caitsith.zip (9Kb)
Talk with Cait Sith from FFVII (thanks to Sailor Solathei).
danish.zip (9Kb)
Talk with a Danish MegaHAL (thanks to Thomas Fabian Delman).
dune.zip (20Kb)
Talk with Alia from Dune!
ferris.zip (25Kb)
Talk with Mr. Ferris Bueller himself! Bueller! Bueller!
german.zip (11Kb)
The original MegaHAL personality, translated to German!
manson.zip (15Kb)
Talk with MegaMANSON, the Marylin Manson personality (thanks to Jonathan Peck).
pulp.zip (36Kb)
Talk with Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction!
scream.zip (21Kb)
Talk with Randy from Scream!
startrek.zip (8Kb)
Talk with Data from Star Trek (thanks to mbaker).
starwars.zip (27Kb)
Talk with Threepio from the Star Wars Trilogy!

MegaHAL Download

Click on the archive for your machine from the list below to download the entire MegaHAL distribution. For some machines, you can only download older versions of MegaHAL. These are specified with remarks in the list below... if you plan on using any machines thus marked, and you have knowledge of compiling C programs, I'd appreciate it if you downloaded the source (at the bottom of the page) and compile the latest version. Thanks!

Megahal_Amiga (40Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 executable for the Amiga (thanks to Vincent Lönngren). Please download dist.zip, or the contents of the dist/ directory below, in order to use this executable. The modified sources megahal_amiga.c and megahal_amiga.h are also available. Thanks Vincent!
megahal_beos.gz (16kB)
MegaHAL 8.6 executable for Intel BeOS 4.5.2 (thanks to whee). Please download dist.zip, or the contents of the dist/ directory below, in order to use this executable. The source code for this port is also available.
dos.zip (85Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for PCs running DOS/Windows3.11 (thanks to Jim Crawford).
freebsd.tar.gz (41Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for FreeBSD (thanks to Steve Vertigan).
irix.tar.gz (54Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for SGIs running IRIX.
linux.zip (42Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for Intels running Linux.
linuxppc.tar.gz (63Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for PPCs running Linux (thanks to Lucas Vergnettes!).
mac2.sit (180Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for Macintosh PPC and 68K (thanks to Nick Zitzmann!).
mac.sit.hqx (286Kb)
MegaHAL 8.5 distribution for Macintosh PPC and 68K (thanks to Paul Baxter and Doug Turner!).
os2.zip (78Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for IBM OS/2 machines (thanks to petri kelottijärvi!).
osf.tar.gz (51Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for DEC Alphas running OSF.
sunos.tar.gz (52Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for Sun Workstations running SunOS.
win95.zip (66Kb)
MegaHAL 8.6 distribution for 32-bit Windows machines ('95 or NT).
amiga.zip (46Kb)
OLD ARCHIVE: MegaHAL for my most favourite computer of all time, the Amiga (thanks to Dag Agren!).

MegaHAL porting and bug-fixing

If you would like to join our effort to make the MegaHAL code entirely bug free, and compilable on just about every machine imaginable, then perhaps you would like to download the latest version of the source code. Thanks!

MegaHAL development has been moved to http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/megahal/, where the latest source code is available for downloading.