MegaHAL is a "conversation simulator": a computer program which responds in natural language to what you type, written by Jason Hutchens, who is now working with Artificial Intelligence on an exciting project to create "true" AI. It is able to "learn" what to say by observing the things which you write to it, and is therefore not limited to the English language.

help develop megahal! Join the development of MegaHAL at Alioth.
how megahal works A brief description of how the MegaHAL algorithm works, including some background information on the Turing Test and the Loebner Contest.
classic quotes A selection of the choicest MegaHAL utterances, taken from a variety of different versions. All quotes were generated by the online version.
best conversation The best online conversation MegaHAL ever had. Frighteningly lucid at times.
megahal does aliens An example of what happens when you feed a movie script to MegaHAL. In this case, MegaHAL plays the part of Bishop from Aliens.
megahal poetry Selection of MegaHAL generated poetry.
download megahal Get your own version of MegaHAL today! Available for a variety of platforms, including Amiga, BeOS and Macintosh!